What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is an operations process that involves the transition of finished goods. They flow from manufacturer to warehouse storage and finally delivery to the consumer.

This process gives you greater visibility of your supply chain and can maximise profitability. Outsourcing to experts like us will help you to optimise your operations and realise future growth potential.

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How do we work?

As part of our fulfilment services at Zoom, inventory management includes:

  • Supply chain management
  • Optimised stock management and reporting
  • Advanced warehouse management systems
  • Secure storage
  • Pick and pack 
  • Order fulfilment service

Our inventory management techniques ensure all of our clients are kept informed and made aware of stock levels and revenue opportunities.

This helps you to keep tighter stock control and reduce the probability of understocking against your forecast. You can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and minimise overstocking. It will prevent losses of profitability for low sales volume items.

About Us Speak to us today on 01946 818100