Contact Centre

Our contact centre is based on the same premises as our warehouse which ensures accurate and timely communication between the 2 management teams. Staffing for the contact centre is split between office-based staff and home workers which gives us greater flexibility in ensuring we have the right staffing available on an hourly and daily basis.

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Customer Support Services

We process both written and telephone orders for a variety of clients through our contact centre. All clients requiring telephone services have dedicated phone lines staffed by fully trained advisors who are the voice and face of the client. We also offer a variety of customer support services  including:

  • Written responses whether via letter or email to queries and complaints, all in client branding
  • Telephone query management
  • Webchat
  • Feefo response management
  • Overflow call management where clients run their own call centres
  • Refund processing/replacement orders against returned stock
  • Social media messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Ticket Management
  • Appointment booking
  • Technical support
  • Customer correspondence
  • Virtual Receptionist / PA Services
  • Returns booking

In addition to our UK call centre, we have links with call centre providers in France and Germany that can offer similar services in the local language.

About Us Speak to us today on 01946 818100